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I read your post on painting the side skirts...and I'm interested in doing this same thing! Only problem is the paint on my car might be a little harder to match! Did you send in a sample of your paint for matching? I have the payment info ready to send but I need you to answer a few questions for me first. Where did you get the primer and the clear coat from? Did you just send in your paint code or did you send in a sample? Where could I get a sample of my paint from (off of the car)? Thanx a lot man!! By the way the touch up paint I bought from the dealer is not a perfect's very close but might have a noticable difference on the bottom of the car...

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I told them the paint code. It's listed on the car near the driver door.

It was a very good match for my color. I don't know about other paints. Metallic ones would probably be harder to match. In my original paint you can see some tiny gold specks under sunlight. The spray paint also had this.

The primer and clear coat I just bought from Walmart. Just make sure you get ones made for painting car exteriors. the good thing about this whole process is that things near the ground on the car are hard to notice, so small blemishes shouldn't be a prob. Make sure you sand the parts to be painted, and you can try wetsanding/polishing afterwards for a really smooth surface.

I would suggest buying 2 cans of paint if you decide to go this route. You would hate to run out halfway through the project. And plus there were other things I decided to paint afterwards, like my mesh grill. So now that thing is also color matched.
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