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ATTN: NorCal and SoCal .....

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NorCal and SoCal Caravan Plans for this weekend

The NorCal/SoCal meet is about a week away [ Original Thread ]. We should probably start organizing our respective caravan plans for the drive to San Luis Obispo.

We are to arrive at SLO by noon, so please allow enough travel time.

[ Info ]

Date: Saturday, August 17, 2002
Time: 12:00 PM
Place: Madonna Inn [ Info ]

UPDATE: SoCal Legends click here
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OOOOH!!!!!! STEAK HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
OK ima start the Nor Cal Caravan:
i know no one can make it with me from sac :(

but if anyone is along the route, im going by way of I5 to kettleman city...i know mrlegend might have family over that weekend... anyone else coming this way???

email me @

[email protected]

As for SoCal, I propose we do as we did last year and meet at Acura 101 West in Calabasas [ Info ]

I'd also like to get a head count of how many will be joining the SoCal caravan.
This Saturday

I will be there this Saturday for sure. I have a sister who lives in the area- so I might drive north on Friday morning and meet-up with the group at the Madonna Inn the next day at noon.
If that does not pan out, what are the details on the caravaning from Acura 101. I know where they are located in Calabasas.
Regarding the Madonna, are we going to get hasseled meeting in the parking lot like we did at the Spectrom?
93.5 LS Coupe
As for Acura 101, we should set off from there by 9:00 am. We should be able to get there on time.

We will meet up at the Madonna Inn just as a gathering point because it's easier to find off the freeway, but as soon as everyone's there, we will move on to The Graduate for lunch.

Now where is everyone else? Let's get this caravan deal nailed down guys!
Ok, I'm up for the so cal caravan. Um.... Graeme, just so you can contact me, my cell is (626) 786-1284. I'm gonna need info on Acura 101.
Dean, here's the link to Acura 101 West's info [ Link ]
have fun guys:D
Hey Brian! Still in TW?

Too bad that you won't be here for the meet.

Having fun over there? Heard it's really hot and humid. See what happens when you don't come back for your meets? You suffer the consequences of sticky weather. :D

Have fun, and Yi lu sun feng on your trip back. :D
See you all there!

I will be driving up on Friday monring. I will be at the Madonna 1130 Satuday. See you there!
Hey Mark,

Cool. We'll see you there then.

Update on the SoCal caravan. Right now, we have 4 cars confirmed to be driving up together.

If you haven't let me know your intention on joining in the caravan, either post here or email me. We don't want to leave anyone behind.
LegendGS said:
We don't want to leave anyone behind.
Reminds me of Black Hawk Down.
C25A1guy said:
Reminds me of Black Hawk Down.
No less intense either. :D
LegendGS said:

No less intense either. :D
So that means we gonna have a mob of Samolies chasing and shootin' at us too? :giggle:

9 more till my 1000th post. POST WHORAGE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!
i want to go, but...

my bro will be using my car for the weekend. can i go just for the ride?

PS: I m in san diego
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