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auto trans fluid change question...

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I am getting ready to move back to California, and I'm going to change the oil on my '94 LS Sedan before I have my cars shipped.

I thought now would also be a good time to change the auto trans fluid. I went and bought 4 (qt.) bottles of Hondaline fluid from the Acura dealer for $4 and change each.

Since I paid an Acura shop $60 to change the trans fluid when I bought the car 14K miles ago, I haven't actually changed the trans fluid myself yet. I'm very competent when it comes to working on cars, I am just not that familiar with the G2 Legend, so please no flames.

I understand there is a drain plug, which is nice, but I am wondering if there is a fill tube, or is the trans fluid replaced via the dipstick tube?

Thanks in advance guys.

What I really need is a Helms manual for this car!
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The auto tranny fluid is filled thru the dipstick hole.
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