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awwwwwww shieeeeeeeeet

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yoooooooooooooooo, i just put in a new air filter and noticed that my intake lead to nothing,,,,i saw a hole that lead to thte ground,,,,so i looked under my right fender and so that i was missing a tube that connects my gunna bring in my car tomorrow for a tune up so i imma tell them to replace it,,,anyone know if the piece got a name or what could have happened with the tube not being there? =] holla back
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That leads to the intake resonator. Many of us Legend owners have removed that resonator, as it is a tangled mess of restrictive bends and tubing that leads back to the side of the fender where the air inlet is actually a small slot on the side of the fender. If you really want it, you could put it back, but many of us decide to remove it.
o werD? does it do anything?
Kind of...

The resonator quiets down the intake noise further for a more "luxerious" sound (or lack of sound). :p It also causes your car to only breathe the hot underhood air instead of the colder air your car is curently breathing. You don't need it at all....

o ight thanx got me worried a bit,,,,yo i like what u did wit the hot, how much that run u
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