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Axl replaced, wobble/vibaration when accelerating & turning. WTF?

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So I had a starter issue to begin with, turns out the inner driver side axle boot was torn, and grease had splattered on the starter, resulting in some intermittent starter failures. I therefore had the starter replaced, along with the driver side axle. I do not know the brand of the axle used, all I know is the car isn't riding the same as before.

Prior to the replacement I had no vibration when accelerating through a turn. I now have vibration / wobbling when turning RIGHT under power. The car has no wobble / vibration when turning LEFT! When I cruise through a turn, nothing. I took the car back to the mechanic who replaced the axle, he said it couldn't be the axle.... he then checked the wheels for any play. There IS play in the driver side inner tie rod end. However, can play from the inner tie rod end cause wobbling / vibration when turning RIGHT under power? (and NOT LEFT) Or is the issue with replacement Acura Legend axles THAT pervasive that I need to go back to this mechanic and explain how Acura Legend reman'd axles are plagued with issues and demand he do the work over?

In short, can the axle be ruled out at this point? Or do I need to replace the inner tie rod end to rule IT out and find the axle to be the culprit???

Thanks in advance
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If you didn't have that problem before the axle my money is on the axle being faulty. That's why most people recommend using only OEM or Raxle axles. I have had axles be bad right out the box.
how is your alignment? is it driving straight? that could have somthing to do with it.
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