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Axle Replacement

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I called the local Acura dealership parts dept. Quotes me $416.00 per axle not including labor. :rolleyes:

Called my mechanic he says $200.00 per axle including labor. :yes:

:woot: :woot:
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You need to remember that if you buy your own parts and take them to your mechanic for him/her to install there will be no warranty. When the shop buys the parts they add on a bit so that it will help cover the labor if the part fails and they have to do the labor a second time at no charge.
My shop i use does not practice this, seeing as i only have him install honda oem parts. One time one of there mechanics bent the hub on my integra while installing new bearings, and the replaced my hub free of charge (after about a month of trying to diagnose why my car was vibrating so much)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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