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Axle Replacement

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I called the local Acura dealership parts dept. Quotes me $416.00 per axle not including labor. :rolleyes:

Called my mechanic he says $200.00 per axle including labor. :yes:

:woot: :woot:
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Its all in the tools you have and how many times you've done it before. :yes:
I agree...I have NO TOOLS and NO TIME and NO EXTRA CAR. So I write off the extra cost for the price of convenience. You should get a loaner car, and not have to get your hands dirty and also have it installed by a Honda/Acura Certified Mechanic and the warranty comes with it. So if you look at all this then there is where the extra money is going and so then you get pece of mind. My Ol' Lady is driving mine right now while I'm in Iraq (basically grocery getting and picking up kids) so when there is work that needs to be done while I am out of town then I cant leave her without a vehicle. Also when I get ready to rid myself of the car (someday) I have all dealer records of my service (I believe this will keep my asking price solid for the car, specially major things like axles). Depends on your situation. If youre handy, have the time and the tools...and the patience then I say go for it and do a DIY for schmucks like me that dont have a matching craftsman tool in the house.....yet.
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