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i dont know if any oof you have heard my story with my 2000 rl, so im going to tell you again. About two weeks ago i returned home from work parked my and was getting ready to shut it off when i heard a loud noice comin from the engine
compartment. I quikly turned off the car and looked everything over i did not notice anthing out of the ordinary so i started the car and looked at the engine bay again i heard a knockin sound comin from in front of the motor. i turned the car back off and went in for the night. the next morning i went to start the car and nothing happened. the starter would just spin the motor was not turning over. So i took the car to the shop where they told me i had a bad tensioner and it needed to be replaced. once the tensioner was replaced the car still will not start, the shop told me all of the valves are bent and there is no compression at all in the motor. they wanted to tear the motor apart and rebuild it but i dont want them to do it because i have a good rl motor laying in my backyard in NY. i also did not feel comfortable with the shop wanting to do the valves right away they did not even do a compression test until i asked them what the numbers were. So my problem is i need to get my car back to NY by friday. i feel the motor should have some type of compression to get thet car started so i can get home and fix it.

if you guys have any insight or want to help me try to fix this i would be thankful for helpin me out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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