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For the past week and a half, my '95 coupe has been in the shop. Originally, she went in for a new HG, which prompted me to do the TB/WP/tensioner/drive belts as well. Since we've got the whole thing torn apart anyway, might as well throw some new plugs in there, right?

Now that she should be running good as new, I figure she should look as good as new as well. So I decided to replace those black roof moldings, throw some new pedals on there, replace the A/C cabin filter, and replace the broken lumbar adjustment lever that keeps falling off. I also replaced a cracked dash piece where my LED for the alarm was installed.

Oh, what the hell, let's throw some clear Z3 sidemarkers and a new set of Nitto NT450's on there for good measure!

Damn, I can't wait to get her back from the shop. Should be tomorrow night or Thursday morning. I've been driving the wife's Accord (automatic) for the last 3 months while I waited to get her fixed. I've got a big jones for driving a stick again!


Ha Ha... good for you.. I'm glad everything worked out with the repairs... You and me both.. I'm still away at school in Miami and have got My HR's, Tires, Rims(shortly) and Konis (shortly) comming to my house in ATL... I'm scratching the walls here... I can't wait ot get back home..:eek:

Only one month...:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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