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Back in a proper car again!

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Hello all, after a deer totaled my 05 accord ex-L i was left without any car. I live to drive, drive to live. So jobless and car-less I found myself back at square one. But this turned out to be a great thing because....

I now own an 87 acura legend coupe 2.7/m-5. it has 150K if that the factory cluster. Don't know the trim level yet but time will tell. All I know is i own a car designed by honda and austin rover. That tickles my fancy in itself.
But anyways I like this car a lot already. She also seams to like me so far. She's a little rough around the edges. The last owner didn't car about his cars maintenance wise and surprise surprise ticks after an oil change. But the best part, i paid $500. So I don't mind putting money into this car.
So i guess im just saying whats upp all and ill be on here alot now. Thanks in advance for any help given.
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Well welcome to the family we are glad to have you here
Welcome I love seeing more first Gen owners coming to join
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