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battery light on then no power steering??

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Hello I've been searching for about a week on this and haven't found much. I was driving when noticed it kinda jerk when i released the gas peddle then at a light i saw my battery light came on, when i went from the light my power steering went an i had thought the car died n coasted into a parking lot. I popped the hood and saw smoke coming from the timing belt cover so i towed ot home took the covers off and the belt seems to be fine. I started the car to see the belt turn, in which it did an there was an awful squeaking noise. What could this be?? sounds like it may be bearings but from where??
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I had a similar problem with my old mazda The reason was belt but not timing belt Another belt wasn't there any more but can't remember which one I will post if I remember
There are a few possibilities:

1. Is the t-belt tension ok, if not the tensioner could be the problem
2. Normally the a/c idler pulleys bearings fail and that would cause a squeal but possibly smoke if the belt has a problem
3. The power steering belt would cause your problem with the ps going
4. The other piece would be the crank pulley if it is a 93-95 as they tend to split and that would cause problems with all the belts
It is a 95 se an all the belts are good. I believe the power steering belt is scrapped from rubbing on something but i don't know what, maybe a tensioner but i don't know where that is. What did you mean by the crank pulley splitting??
i don't know where that is. What did you mean by the crank pulley splitting??
Sounds like the crank pulley rubber dampened area has split and is slipping. I've got one piece all-metal direct bolt on ones from the 91-92's Legends available for $75 shipped to your door if that is the problem.
You are very correct, my crankshaft pulley rubber musta came apart causing it to go cockeyed. I'm gonna take it apart to make sure that's definitely ot, then ill shout you a pm. Thanks for the help.
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