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Beer bottle under my tire

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Those punk *******s. I was leaving the Shark club in Kirkland last night at about 11:30 when I heard a smash followed by a loud hissing. ****. I got out of the car to find that my right front tire was going down quick, and glass was all over the ground. I looked around the parking lot to see a couple dozen little boys and girls hanging out because of course they aren't old enough to hang out with the big kids in the bar. They were all drinking Heiny's, and it was a Heiny that was crushed under my wheel. All my bros left already so there wasn't **** I could do about those haters. Just Jealous because they have to roll in their mom's minivan, while I roll a slammed jet black sedan on chrome 18's. Oh well. No use getting pissed off and throwing a fit about it. So I started to get my **** out of the trunk when I realized that I had no jack because I took it out to install my stereo and NOS system. Damn. I keep forgetting to put it back. Luckily two girls parked next to me loaned me the jack from their trunk and two bouncers from the club helped me clean up the glass so that it wouldn't happen to anybody else.

It sucks because that was a brand-new tire just before summer started. I took it to Les Schwab to see if they could put a patch on it. Haven't heard yet if I gotta throw down two bills for a new one or not. And, I have no other vehicle because I'm still re-building my Ducati (crash). But the worst part of it all is that I didn't get either of those girls' phone number. She asked if I had a girlfriend, but I was too busy working on my tire and looking to see if any of those punks were looking guilty to think anything of it. What an idiot I am. I have the worst luck sometimes. Anyways, that was my Thursday night.
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See if the bar (shark club) will help you pay for some, all or half of your damaged tire. Lots of these Clubs would rather setlle out small then face legal action. Who knows you may get hooked up, just don't be too pushy about it. Just a thought.
I would but the guys that work there are good buddies of mine. I wouldn't want to cause any trouble for them, especially since they helped me with the tire. But thanks for the idea lawman.
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