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Hey everyone. I have a 92 Legend. My dad had the engine swapped maybe 6 years ago to a C32A1. I got into a crash back in December but as everyone knows Legends are built like tanks and it just ate up the little Mazda:eek:wned: . I've been working on both BHG's and replacing all of the gaskets that were included in the Felpro head gasket kit. I finished up last night but when i tried to start her back up this is what i ran into.

Leaking oil- I think this was due to the driver side cam cover (hopefully)

Leaking Water- I was smart enough not to waste coolant :giggle: . The water was leaking pretty bad out of the bottom driver side but I couldn't pinpoint the leak. I found a puddle of water when I uninstalled the intake manifold and sitting on top of the engine block between both heads was water. Any idea where its coming from?

Timing belt !!!! - I am really confused about the timing marks. When I'm ready to attempt another start up should the cam sprockets be on dead center with the marks on both the back covers. And the crankshaft pulley key mark should be where exactly upon start up. Should the key mark be pointing straight up or should it be pointing at the covers alignment thing?

UPON START UP WHERE SHOULD EVERYTHING BE POINTED TO :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

And lastly the intake manifold gaskets should I apply some liquid gasket on top of the gaskets? The manual says its not necessary but when i was uninstalling the gaskets there was a lot of it on the gaskets.
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line the driver side lines up, and the passenger side should be 1/2 tooth off, + or - it does not matter, and check under the air bleeder and make sure the gasket is in right
Take a look at the online manual about aligning the cams and finding TDC, and most importantly follow the tension instructions - that part is magic.

Best of luck to you.. that is a lot of FUN work :)
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