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Which region has the most LEGENDS G! and G2

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Daddymac117 said:
the northeast definately...

on a 3-4 block stretch of Webster Ave in the Bronx, NY, you will normally see at least 15-20 Legends parked or driving by...Legends are still common as hell around here.
I 100% agree - drive down Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY or Linden Blvd, in Queens and you cant go 5 blocks without seeing one in any type of condition. G1, G2 and G3 (RL)

I think because - when they first came out - the midwest and south were very much on a "American Made, American Pride" mode - a friend of my sisters in Toledo, Ohio, who had a Red G2 Coupe back in 92 or 93 (I can't remember) said her car, along with every other foreign made car on here block got keyed up and a broken back window - Her pops said it was from the factory workers who saw it as a betrayel and taking away from american jobs - Its alot different now - especially since Honda, Toyota, etc... has built plants here now -

Most of the foreign made cars from back then were all shipped to the Northeast, cause the Midwest and South were on that "Heartbeat of America" deal and only bought American.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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