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I only got some of them up, so bookmark for further viewing....
JTree...I hope you can get those pics to me so I can host them soon...thanks man!

We had a professional photographer on hand, so more pics soon (Jtree).

All in all, another excellent meet....
I will let the Acswerver, dap, babyboy, Francis and anyone else chime in with their beautiful renditions of the day.

I felt so bad, Francis about Buckhead....we will get u str8 soon buddy. I didn't know what to do - no parking and popo's will tow u quick if car left in wrong spot. So Catch 22.

Anyway, I had a blast....
Here are some of the pics

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I had a super long reply.....I went back to edit it and it was erased
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Anyway I had a blast.......There was too much to explain anyway, you had to be there. I'll just mention a few things briefly.

- 9 CLs
- 10 or 11 Legends
- 2 mesh grille installs
- food, food, food, food and more food
- ducks
- trees
- water
- professional photogragher
- incar multimedia with Fast & the Furious showing
- Leon's full custom strutbar (goto the club website)
- car wash
- Kevons job site
- Kevons six speed test driving
- First ever high speed 70mph six lane rolling Legend roadblock...

diagram: A=Legend


- traffic
- compliments, compliments, stares, "oh look!!!"s
- eye candy, eye candy, eye candy, yello 2003 Hummer H2 on 20 somethings with TVs :eek: , eye candy, eye candy..........
- traffic
- St. Francis batt died :( ( tried to get back to him to jump him off but couldn't make a U turn due to traffic :mad: :mad: :mad: - But the others came through to help him out :) )

- had a ball....Mad props to the CL crew - awesome group of guys.

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