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bmw rims?

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will the 3 peice bmw rims fit on or will i have to get them drilled for new lug pattern
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bmw rims have a different lug pattern than legends. not exactly sure, but i think its something like 5x112....i just know its different.
do u think it worth tryin to make them fit
prob not. becuase the higher offsets that we need will yield a much wider rim.
don't even waste your time I am stuck with a set of 18"x8 milllie Miglia Spider that have the bmw/audi 5 lug pattern I took it to a professional wheel shop and the guy says because of the offset they will look like crap sticking out a 1" or more plus the cost was almost $300 to re-bore the set. ............anyone wants them to buy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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