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After riding around in my wife's NEON since April 1st my car finally came out the shop yesterday :cool:
There is a before and after gallery tell me what you guys think
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i thought maybe someone did something CUSTOM to there g1, anyway, my car is in the shop right now, getting all 4 handles shaved, inner tail lights, corner lights, and antenna, and all emblems shaved, and im painting the whole thing too. so far i havent seen any other g1 with this kind of **** done to it, so should be interesting to hear what people say. how much did you pay for that repair??after im done painting it im not doing anything else to it, no exhaust or intake, strictly luxury, i dont want no rice ripper exhaust or anything like that, just rims lowered shaved and custom paint, i might get a wood dash kit later this year, who knows.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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