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After riding around in my wife's NEON since April 1st my car finally came out the shop yesterday :cool:
There is a before and after gallery tell me what you guys think
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Esti- yes it feels a whole lot better and I live in brooklyn but i took the pics at my job parking lot in new jersey.

legendHI- Iput $1500 into it but i feel it was worth it they did an excellent job.

Josh- I hope the rust doesn't come back, but the guy told me if I have any problems to bring it back. :)

flash- thanks man and why are you selling yours?
Yes they repainted the whole car :)

I don't know exactly how they did the rust but I know he knows how to take care of it. I went to him because I saw the work he had done on a friends car which was in bad shape and he made it look like new:D
I understand flash. I had my car for over a year now and the only reason I was able to get the bodywork done was thanks to my wife:D :D :D :D I still have to get one more repair done(my PSF is leaking) but yeah i put MUCH MORE into the car than what I paid for it.

Good luck man
Thanks the car is good now it actually got hit again after that I posted about that too I think it was called damn van hit me if you want to do a search. but i've gotten it fixed again at the same spot and no rust problems. I will be posting new pics soon I added some new goodies:D
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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