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After riding around in my wife's NEON since April 1st my car finally came out the shop yesterday :cool:
There is a before and after gallery tell me what you guys think
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nice legend man, I need to get my exterior fixed if noone buys the car from me first. if I do keep it I will do one of those before and after pic things.
I have put 3600.00 worth of work into it, dgmw I love the car it's just that I have put way more then I paid for the car, and I havent even touched the restoration part of it :( I l o v e my Legend but I cannot afford the restoration part of it now, all the money I had saved up for restoring the car I bought went to keeping it running, granted it now runs like a dream, but it still has all the front end damage and all the scratches ect.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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