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Which is responsible for the double bass production on the factory 6x9s in the rear deck?

when you fade forward with the settings the rear still play bass, and when you fade to the back it still plays bass :giggle:

now i know people who've totally removed all the Bose stuff and what not, and have lost the sound they had, but it was never attributed to something. most of the time the sound was lost due to by passing the factory amp after a headunit was least to my knowlege.

I'd like to know is it the head unit or the amp that is responsible for the bass production. Im leaning towards the HU, but i can also see how it could be the amp if Bose decided to do some trickydick stuff with the internal crossovers and stuff.

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If I am understanding you right - you mean when you fade to the front you are still getting sound from the rears - It has to be the head unit. Here's my evidence.

When I replaced the the speakers all around, I put 4way in the rear and 2ways in the doors. I wanted to hear what the front doors sound like, but even if I fade to one corner, I am still getting sound from the rear.

I have the standard bose with the 80W bolted to the HU, so I have no external amp, yet when I fade forward, I am still getting lowend sound from the rear speakers. I bought some cheap-o pepboy box with, like, 2 subs, 2 ports and 2 mid deal (you know the one for 19.99 with a $10 instant rebate) hooked it to the rears with no amp. Even if I fade to the front - I am still getting sound from that thing.

That feature has to be in the Head Unit.
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