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Bose Radio Help '94 L

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'94 Legend L with stock Bose radio setup (2200) ...Having Radio Issues....Bass and back speakers are out and front speakers sound really low......Tried to replace with another head unit (2200) but no real improvement.

Just changed a front speaker with a new one from Bose but still limited sound output....looks to be head unit? The lights on the buttons on the radio are down to somewhere it might be the power inside slowly going...

Not looking for expensive solution...but just one that works....Is it cheaper to replace with an aftermarket? If so any recs on a setup....Sony Double Din?
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Does anyone know of anyone who can/will fix the radio? My '94 Legend Coupe with the Bose system has slowly been failing for the last several years. It started with a random squealing howl coming from a back speaker. I figured it was an amplifier issue and cut the power wire to the right-rear. Problem solved, or at least the howling went away, but soon after, the unit began to lose sound quality. It appeared to be temperature related 'cause when it was cold out, the radio sounded terrible, but as the car warmed up, it got better, then it got worse. No power, no volume, right channel gone, and now it's pretty much dead. No local shops will fix it, and I don't want to replace it 'cause I like the steering wheel controls and an after-market unit won't have those. Can anyone fix this radio?
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