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Both axles changed, still not as smooth?

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I just had both the axles replaced and front wheels balanced, as diagnosed after extreme shaking on higher speeds. It's a lot better now but I still feel some vibrations on steering wheel at higher speeds and turns sometimes. My guys is out of town for christmas, so I'm trying to narrow it down myself. My VSS is out and waterpump started leaking couple of days ago, and I have ordered those already but I dont think they have an effect on that. I also feel loss of power when compared to driving my other coupe. I'm thinking if its differential, throttle body, mounts or even my tires. Within the last month or so, this coupe had made me spend like 600 dollars already, not including the WP and VSS. Befoe I spend anymore, I want be sure I diagnose it right. What do you guys think?
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some times believe it or not ....guys suck at tire balancing..just my two cents. Could be the tires?? inner tierods?? or something else odd...

sorry i cant be of more help
Try the tires or tie rods. I always try for the easiest stuff first, so why don't you switch tires between the car with the shaking issue and the car that rides smooth? If it still wobbles, try the tie rods.

This is a good article regarding tie rods, although all does not apply to our car. The basic diagnosis of bad parts is the same, however. Most places will inspect them for free, so go to 3 places and see if they all come to the same conclusion. The outer are not that hard to replace, as I did them on my Integra once. Took about 30 mins for both sides. You'll have to get it aligned afterwards.
Tie rod ends checked, they're fine. Got the front balanced once more.
Still the exact same sh!t. Please tell me its VSS!
whats77inaname said:
Did you switch the tires w/the other car?
Let me do the VSS, then this'll be the next step.
I have a feeling that VSS has something to do with it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
VSS=Vehicle speed sensor, correct? I dunno. My method of thinking is that it has something to do with a rotating mass, and my experiences with shakes at high speeds is that it is usually the tires. But I don't know everything, so hell, it could be the VSS. If it is, then you've helped me learn something new, so keep me posted!
did you ever find out what the problem was?

if not it could be as simple as a slightly bent rim or a bubble in one of the tires.
It's not the VSS.
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