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Both Seat Heaters gone at same time

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So, I noticed probably about a month or so ago on my '98 RL: both seat heaters went at the same time. Not only is there no light when I press either "Lo" or "Hi", but there is no heat coming from the seats (either of them), when both seats are occupied.

My guess is perhaps a fuse? Any takers?

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Thanks 9000.

I checked the fuse box under the hood, but wasn't able to find any fuses for the seat heaters.

Is there an interior fuse box? I tried googling to see if there was, but got the usual mess of irrelevant hits, so please forgive my ignorance in advance.

I would suggest looking in the owner's manual, it should have a diagram of fuses. Let me see what I can find for you tomorrow.
Ok, interior fuse box (near driver footwell area).

Number 5 - A/C Clutch, Heated Seat. Check that one, manual, page 305.
Awesome 9000- I will check it out and thank you SO MUCH for letting me know where the thing is located at the very least!

I'll give er a test and post results- thanks again!
Found it & fixed it- thanks a whole bunch!

It's nice of Acura to include a bunch of replacement fuses on the fusebox access hatch. Great surprise.
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