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Brake Pads & SS Lines

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Ok you guys, I'm gonna take the plunge here. I'm gonna be ordering my new Brembo cross/slotted rotors this week from Mr. Wood over at Raceconcept.

Now here's where I'm confused... He's selling PBR Metal Master brake pads which I have never heard of, but he says that they are the best :confused:. I hear a lot of talk around here about Axxis Metal Master pads, are these the same thing? I also hear that the EBC Green Stuff pads are great, and have never heard a bad thing about them so this is probably what I'll end up going with. How much do these cost, and where can I get them?

Now another thing that I am kinda confused on is stainless steel brake lines. I understand what they do in theory, but I have only heard of one guy that got them on the forum and he said that they didn't make much of a difference on his Legend (can't remember who it was). Is there something with our cars that makes them not have much affect on brake fade? NOPI Online has them listed for $110, but I remember hearing that this person said they got them for $80. Anyone know where to get them for this price? Thanks you guys.
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Someone may want to move this to Performance modification... I didn't even think about it till after I already posted it. Sorry.
pbr's are good. most use goodridge ss lines. :)
How do PBR's compare to the Axxis ones and EBC ones? I heard that the Axxis can be noisy sometimes, but that the EBC are perfectly quiet, yet they still have the good bite.

Ok, so maybe I was wrong about only one Legend owner using the SS lines... How big of a difference do they make and where can I find them for a good price?
I have Brembos, PBR pads, and Goodridge SS lines. The setup works great. The brakes have a firmer less "spongey" feel to them with the SS lines. I think its worth the extra money to put them in. I got mine from NOPI. I can't remember what they cost ($140???).
im rocking EBC right now and its good sh1t.....

I just ordered a set from Mr. Wood and before I did, I researched the subject. There have been alot of posts lately on brakes and pads. The PBR MM are the same thing as the Axxis MM pads. I understand that they need to be "warmed up" before they bite.
This doesn't take a long time, but others on the board have mentioned this. I read that the MM's have low dust and low noise. And they weren't too expensive, so I went with them.

The EBC pads require some modifications in order for them to fit. You can buy them from the There are some instructions on modification written by G Rahn and ChrisK. Do a search on their posts and you should find some info on them.

As for the SS brake lines? You understand the theory. Most day to day driving does not cause enough heat for the our rubber hoses to expand so much that it causes brake fade. However, I think on a day of spirited driving through the mountains or a winding road, you could experience brake fade for which the SS lines would alleviate. At this point, it would be all up to you. I don't drive my car hard enough to necessitate the SS lines ( I was thinking about getting them myself) so I'm not going to do it.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. I should be getting my stuff next week and will put them on in a few weeks. It seems like you and I are on the same mod. schedule. Maybe you and I should talk and get a discount going..LOL..when are you doing an exhaust/intake? I may do the importtoys intake next, it's only like $75.
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I already did Intake, I'm gonna be doing the Greddy SP exhaust this summer along with a chip from Bayou if I can talk down the price with them. There is no way that I'm gonna spend $400 on a chip that takes them 2 seconds to make and only costs them $5 in parts :rolleyes:. Plus they weren't to friendly tot he last Legend guys so they should be happy that they even get anymore business from us.
Speed Demon when you make your purchase for the Chip post it cause i'll buy it when you do.. so mabey we can get a cheaper price also.
for sure, send me an email to [email protected] so that I can save it in my archived mail so that it's easy for me to remember. I have a little group buy folder going right now.
yes, my SS line didn't make much of a difference in the beginning, but have now gone "firm firm" and I can engage abs much faster/easier now:D

of all the brands available for Legends, I only trust SMC and Goodridge. However, SMC has gone out of business. Why trust anyone else when Goodridge lines are actually used in NASCAR, WRC, and F1?? Not to mention that they are custom made:D LegendGS even has his ss lines wrapped with silicone tubes for only $10 more~

Only EBC rear pads require modification btw.

And my mechanic recommand that you used high performance brake fluid when you used SS lines.

FYI, my OE brakelines didn't have any apparent leaking sign, but I was loosing brake fluid. After I got the SS lines, I'm not loosing brake fluid anymore. Why trust 7~11 years old OE brake lines when you can get good ones for only around $120?
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