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Happy Thanksgiving everyone :2cool:

Well about a year ago (Dec 03') I bought a lot of stuff to fix up my 94 Legend. Well a lot of stuff happened (don't really want to talk about it) and I still have all these things in my closet brand spanking new :( I am located in San Jose, California and I would really prefer pick up over delivery. However if you do not live in this area I can ship it to you. These are just pictures off of websites, I will post pictures of these actual items when I get my digital camera back :D

- First up is four brand new 17 inch R-1 GTR-10's. The offset is 47

To be honest, I really don't know how much money I want to ask for these. Please just keep in mind they are brand new and comes with a R-1 Steering wheel cover and four chrome "tire plugs" (sorry don't know what they are called, pictures coming up asap)

- Second up is a brand new Weapon-R Cold Airbox

It retails at $85 on I'm probably gonna ask $50 unless someone wants to spend more than another person on it :****:

- Third up is a brand new C-wings Full Carbon Fiber Premier Wing from

Retails for $159.99. I think I only want to sell it for $90-$100.

I also have a brand new body kit parts for sale, but I don't want to go on until I have actual pictures of my items so you guys know that I am legit and that they are brand new and never used. If you have any questions or comments please email me at [email protected]

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone :2cool:
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