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"BREAK LAMP" question

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Hey guys, new to this site and i read alot of interesting stuff regarding can check mine below...and most of you are very smart people...cheers to that...OK TO THE legend (1991) shows the break lamp on but it works is there a way to fix that? perhaps a problem with a fuse? and second...i have a problem starting...this guy had to put a screw which i have to touch in order to start it...ground problem? will i have to change the starter or get ground cables? ANY advise will be accepted and taken in consideration...once again thank you to whoever replies and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. = )
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Brake Lamp

If the brake lamp is on all of the time now, there must be a bulb blown. There are several bulbs in the rear lights. It does'nt have to be the brake lamp, it could be the rear lamps for driving/parking/3rd brake light. Check them all closely. Also make sure your emergency brake is fully released.

Ground problem?? Not sure what you mean by touching a screw to start :confused:
Check your battery cables and make sure they are not broken or if the ground is loose. You may need a new starter, but post a little more info on this.

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