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I have a dead cockroach or something in my headlight!! How the hell did this happen?!?!

I thought our headlights are sealed - I have never had moisture problems or anything, so how did that little bugger get in there?? More importantly, HOW DO I GET HIM OUT?!?!?!


(I spent all day yesterday washing, cleaning the paint with a clay bar, washing again, waxing and taking pictures ......then at the end of the day I spot that little guy in there, belly up!

Any Advice???


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This is what I would do...On the back of each of your headlights, you should have two "headlight caps". You just easily twist those off with your hand.

So what I would do is go to a carwash place(or some place with high powered vacuums), take all four(2 on each headlight) rear headlight caps off and do your best to get the tip of the vacuum inside the rear of the headlight as much as you can....Hopefully, the cockroach will get sucked right up....

As to how it got in there, I don't see how unless it crawled up through the condensation tube on the headlight or if you didn't have your "headlight caps" on there originally....
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