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I understand that this post is old, But it's most wonderful. I have a question about your Intrax. From what I know, they have a 1.75 inch drop. Was that so when you got your springs
. The reason I ask is because I see you put down 1.25 . I was thinking that when I saw your wonderful work on your Legend that If you put Intrax on your Legend and you have a little finder gap, with my Suspension techniques, I would have alot more finder gap. And they give me 1.50 . So I was just curious as to if it were true that you actually have a 1.25 inch drop insted of a 1.75 inch drop

And once again, those drop instructions are great. as soon as I get some Struts, Im following those instructions. Oh be for I forget, would you happen to know where I could get some lowering struts
I was told that if I got lowering springs, that I would need lowering struts also.

Bukowski=Legend's master piece

I figure that it dropped 1.25" in front, and 1" in back, so far. Usually after everything settles in it should drop a little more.
What I used:
Intrax springs, Front and Rear
KYB struts, Front
Stock shocks, Rear (gonna put KYBs on there also)

It actually rides better than stock. It handles pretty well, although it's hard to determin exactly what did the most good, because within 3 days I put on Strut Bar, Suspension, and 17" wheels/tires. I also plan to do some urethane replacement ont the rubber bushings.

USE THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK: You have to have a little mechanical aptitude.... get a book to look at the pics helps too. Keep in mind mine is a 1988 Legend Sedan, other years and Coupes are going to be a little different.

Now, How To Drop Your G1 L:
Jack up one end at a time using jackstands (legs are a good thing to keep).

Remove the (1) bolt and (1) nut and link assembly parts from the sway bar (so the hub assembly will drop);
Remove the 2 brake line brackets from the Front Strut ;
Remove the (1) bolt and (1) nut at the bottom of the Dampner (Strut) Fork;
Remove the (1) Pinch Bolt at the top of the Dampner Fork (it pinches the strut into the fork);
Remove the (3) Nuts at the top of the strut (under the hood);
Wiggle the Strut out of the Fork;
Remove the Strut and Fork from under the car;
Use the Strut Compressors (one on each side of the spring) that you borrowed from AutoZone (or bought, or stole, whatever) to compress the spring; (you don't have to compress the whole thing, just most of it...)
After the spring is compressed remove the Center Bolt at the top of the Strut allowing all the top seals/bumpers etc to come off.
Slowly let the spring compressors back out;
Remove the Spring from the Strut;
(this may vary) Place the metal dust shield and necessary spacers from your Old Strut on your New Strut;
Attach the spring compressors to the New Spring (one on each side) and compress the spring;
Place the New Strut in the New Spring;
Use your Old Strut top seals/bumpers etc on the New Strut in the same order they were on th old one;
Tighten the (1) Center Bolt; (very firmly)
Remove the spring compressors;
Replace the New Strut/Spring assembly into the wheelwell;
Attach the (3) Nuts at the top of the New Strut Assembly;
Slide/Wiggle the fork back on the New Strut Assembly;
Replace the (1)ea Dampner/Strut Fork Bolt/Nut at bottom of fork;
Replace the (1) Dampner/Strut pinch bolt;
Replace the (2) Brake line brackets;
Replace the Sway Bar linkage parts;
Replace the wheel, and do the same to the other side.

Jack/Jackstands etc.
Remove the (1) ea Bolt and Nut from the Sway Bar;
Remove the (1) ea Bolt and Nut from the Brake Line Bracket;
Remove the (1) Pinch Bolt from the bottom of the Shock on the Hub Carrier; (looks like the front kinda)
Seperate the Hub Carrier from the Shock;
(If changing shocks Remove the (3) nuts on top of Shock assembly (in the trunk under the carpet up top);
Pull the shock out the bottom;
Remove the Center Nut on the Shock, save reuse mounting assembly/seals etc.
Place mounting assembly/seals on top of New Shock;
Replace Center Nut on top of New Shock;
Remove the Spring by bouncing the hub, and wiggling on the spring;
Reuse spring seats (plastic and rubber at top and bottom of spring);
Replace New Spring/seats back in spring mounts on the Lower Arm and top mount;
Replace New Shock, (it only fits one way) installing (3) bolts at top;
Wiggle/(beat) Shock back into Hub Carrier;
Replace (1) Pinch Bolt in Hub Carrier;
Replace (1) ea Bolt/Nut on Brake Line Bracket;
Replace (1) ea Bolt/Nut on Sway Bar Link;
Replace wheel and do the other side.

It took me about 3 hours by myself in the cold (slow) but I had an air compressor and air wrench (fast).
Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to try to be through. Hope it helps some of you.
Good luck,

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C25A1guy said:
W T F??? No spring compressor??? Crazy a$$ mofo.
He stated, Strut compressor, But he ment spring compressor.
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