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Bumper/headlight removal

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Can anyone tell me how to go about removing the bumper, as I'm told you have to do this before the headlights can be removed, the screws to keep the bumper in place under the headlights were not put back in when it was taken apart/ put back oftener and I want to put some in there to keep it in place. Thanks!
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bump,need to take mine off as well. thank you
You will need to jack the car up and take all ,the bolts out the skid plate. Then remove fog light covers so you can access the screws for the turn sig lights in the bumper out. There are 2 bolts behind them 1 behind each light. Then there are 2 more bolts in the bumper grill that you can see. Then you need to take fender lining screws out. The bumper will then slide off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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