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Busted a BS 540 unnatural to curb bump during race

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HAHA, thank god my car didn't get hurt.....

I raced my friend in his 89 Mustang GT, just for fun, we went back and forth on this long ass highway, then, the uphill turn comes. I'm in the lead, I get inside, close to the cement guards.... and my car swerves, then next thing I know, I'm lookin at my friend's head lights coming toward me, and looking back at the cement guard on the side... flying toward it, ass first, I was like, SHI*!!! please don't let me bap that guard, then I see smoke and the center island. All the while I'm stomping the brake, and the car came to one of those only-see-it-in-the-movies- comedy stops.... the car slides gently to the left, and I feel a slight little nudge of the island's curb... whew. By grace of God, I lived, and the car came out unscathed. After that I went home and shot Speed Racer in the head, his succesor Pimp Daddy Jon, has taken residence in the Ack Legend. :D
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kill him kill him

yeah kill him for me too speedracer suks hes allways in my mind telling me to race anybody dam n it even old ladies any car even a dam n bike yeah a bike :p oh did i tell u guys i was racing a gsx-r 1300 omg wad was i thinking :confused:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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