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Busted a BS 540 unnatural to curb bump during race

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HAHA, thank god my car didn't get hurt.....

I raced my friend in his 89 Mustang GT, just for fun, we went back and forth on this long ass highway, then, the uphill turn comes. I'm in the lead, I get inside, close to the cement guards.... and my car swerves, then next thing I know, I'm lookin at my friend's head lights coming toward me, and looking back at the cement guard on the side... flying toward it, ass first, I was like, SHI*!!! please don't let me bap that guard, then I see smoke and the center island. All the while I'm stomping the brake, and the car came to one of those only-see-it-in-the-movies- comedy stops.... the car slides gently to the left, and I feel a slight little nudge of the island's curb... whew. By grace of God, I lived, and the car came out unscathed. After that I went home and shot Speed Racer in the head, his succesor Pimp Daddy Jon, has taken residence in the Ack Legend. :D
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I think after reading X3's thread, from this day forward, I'm not racing my Legend ever again. Yes the safety issue is the biggest factor, but when I truly look at this car, I don't care how many Weapon - R cold air intakes and GReddy's and Remus' and stage 2, 3 or 4 chips you can install on this car, this car is NOT (I know there are a few that will disagree,but so what) a racer. Now a Skyline GT -R 33 and 34, oh hell yeah, I'll race that until the day of armageddon, a BMW M3, most definitely, but not the Legend. I was down in DC the other day just riding, and I could feel the eyes watching. I've never had so many compliments about a car that I've owned (and I've had a lot) as I do with this one. I'm like ****, this car is the $#!7. I'll be at softball practice and the women that just come up and say "When can I ride in this?" Of course I have to keep reminding myself that if I said whenever you want, my lovely wife will make sure that Legend will be no more than a past existence in my mind after she finishes with me. I'm really coming close to taking the cold air intake and the Remus off the car, because the sound and the look just doesn't fit. (Ok, maybe that's stretching it a bit) I think when I look at most of your rides and all the $$$$$ you put into it, you know as well as I do that if you wrecked it from racing,(hell, if you wrecked it, period) you will be in this forum crying your eyes out like little biotches.....I can't do this(racing) anymore, the car is just too nice for that.....Hell, I'm changing the name from Whiplash to Whip Appeal........For those who continue to race, I truly hope you be safe and know the car's limitations....................I'm OUT
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