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If you are not mechanically inclined... my biggest concern would be

has the vehicle's timing belt, tensioner, water pump, and drive belts (usually performed at 90K service) been replaced.


would be the egine's cooling.

Without question, have the owner drive the vehicle for a good hour with you as a passenger. Just 30 minutes out and back, have him or her accelerate the vehicle multiple times from a stop and have them apply the brakes - look closely to the steering wheel for shimmy.

The time will account for engine cooling issues, so pay attention to the guage.

Applying the brakes from highway speeds to zero will account for warped discs.

Accelerate the vehicle in all gears and pay attention to hard kicks from the transmission.

Your best bet would be to pay $79.00 for a complete work up on the vehicle from Acura. Tell them you are interesting in buying the vehicle and they will check all of the above.

FYI, in addition to carfax, if you know where the vehicle has been kept - call the local acura dealer and give them the last 5 digits of the vin and they can tell you what it has been for.

Good luck.

I'm sure there are other issues - so Chime in everyone.

OH, BTW - look at the inner fender liners for tire rubbing or tire impact - and check all of the obvious electrical accessories.
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