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buying an EDM KA8 (for the second time)

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hello from Estonia (Northern Europe), :)

i would like You guys to tell me everything You can based on the pictures im about to show You.
what is the name of the color of this car, what type of rims are on the car (if they are stock), what else is there thats worth mentioning?

here's the link

thank You for all the information and opinions

Greetings from Tallinn, Estonia

Erki (You can call me Erik) :)
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oooh puurty legend. well the color is R-82P - Cassis Red Pearl and yes those rims are stock. the interior is in immaculate shape minus cleaning the floor mats up a bit, ooh and it seems to have an aftermarket LCD head-unit. theres no rear speakers :/ and it looks like there have been after market speakers installed in the past due to the wiring. ooh and that deck lid spoiler really sells it :lol: and the paint looks new! if your planning on buying this id say go for it
thanks you for the reply, Garrett-Lance! :)

what should I be looking for test driving this baby before buying?
i am debating whether i should take it to the local dealer for a thorough checkout including diagnostics (engine/electronics) and taking a look at everything else about the car - the thing is its costly and the second thing is that the dealership has no clue whatsoever about Legends, especially this old.
i would check for: loose steering, sluggish performance, alignment, transmission performance (as in if it works properly), any weird noises or creaks or grinding, suspension performance (jounce the car above the wheels it should be pretty stiff if it bounces back and stays the struts are good, if its really easy to jounce the car and it keeps bouncing up and down a good 2-4 times they're no good) just basic things man. im sure im leaving out something important, maybe someone else will chime in
is it normal for the legend ka8 coupe transmission to kind of jolt when you put the transmission in gear (D) or (R) ?
also, when changing gears, esp. from 1st to 2nd, it kind of lets You know a little that its changing gear. upper gears are fine and much smoother.
kickdown works fine also, and the car has tons of power (for its weight and amount of HP). just some doubts/questions about the transmission because i dont want to have to take it to the dealer to make thorough diagnostics on everything so i know exactly what is up before i buy this car. i will do that eventually but right now i dont have that kinda money just layin around (to go pay for the dealership to check my car with all their diagnostic tools and also check out the engine, transmission, everything electric, suspension and other parts of the undercarriage etc. i have just enough to buy this legend, change the oil like every car you buy since you dont know when the last owner did it, and then re-enjoy driving a Legend for a few months (this is my 2nd Legend KA8).
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a slight jolt is "normal" for Legends and Vigors due to the transmission style and design (very unique) but also due to these transmissions uniqueness (and being a 90's honda automatic) they were not without their own problems, what you are expirencing is not "normal" per se, a harsh 1st to 2nd shift is VERY common on Legend auto's but that dosent mean its ok. in fact i dont think you can find a used auto legend that dosent have a harsh shift (unless its been rebuilt already) most of the harshness may be you rear transmission mount (very common replacement also) you dont have to worry about it for now my auto legend has been doing harsh 1st to 2nd shifts since ive had the car (almost 50,000 miles) it even slips from 3rd into 4th and it hasnt broke :lol: yet. to sum it all up, yes it is normal in a sense, but it should be repaired as soon as you can, but its very expensive, where i used to work at a transmission shop they said it would be upwards of $5000 american currency of course
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