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buying first legend need some opinions

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I wanna get a legend...theres one for sale its a 93 coupe ls. 180,000km 2owners really good condition....what would you guys pay for it and what should i check for plz help thank you
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180.000KM meaning that you are in Canada. If that is the cause and it is sold private I would say no more than $11,000 Canadian and If sold from a dealer I would have to say $12,500 if there is warranty. I would also say these are for a MANUAL and if it was an auto I would say drop $1000 and this car would have to be in MINT condition for those prices with 99% dealer service.

Example - I have a 92 LS with about 248000km on it and it is 100% dealer serviced up until last week and my driver seat leather is kind of bad, but the back seats have been sit in maybe twice with full clear front, 18's, weapon-r intake with carbon fibre pipe and full custom system with 4 ten's in custom box, new koni struts & ground control coils with new in the box brembo rotors, PBR pads and stainless steel brake lines with FACTORY PAINT... and I was offered $11,900 CASH for it like that and if I take it back to stock I would only pull about $7,500 or 8K at most private and about $6,000 on a trade from acura and about $5-5500 from other dealers.

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Read through the post you find here including the For Sale section (there all multiple pages). Check usual suspects -,, etc.
Good luck, join the family, post your location.
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