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Don't know if anyone is putting together a FAQ, but if not could the moderator sticky this post? I seem to recall that this subject comes up alot and there are a few legend owners that have no clue that there is a filter in there or how to replace it. The replacement is pretty easy and takes about 30 min. to do.

The tools you will need are:

1. Phillips Screw driver
2. 8 mm socket
3. Vacuum cleaner to clean out the junk that is stuck down there.

I'm borrowing from Trojan Horse's post, but here is a picture of filter after you get the glove box assembly out:

And from the Helms manual, you have the following:

AC Filter Removal

Glove Box Removal part. 1

Glove Box Removal part 2

The service manual calls for the replacement of the filter every 15K miles or 12 mths. and it will have alot of gunk trapped in there. Be careful when taking apart the lower panel because those "expansion screws" may get messed up and you'll have to buy new ones. The filter is about $20 from the Acura Dealer.

Any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

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I di this 2 weeks ago on the coupe and I just cleaned the existing filter. It was dirty as hell. I used compressed air to clean it. I also recommend when you have the filter out take you hand and clean all of the leafs and sh!t out. I also turned my ac fan on full blast with the filter out. It made a small mess, but it blew out any existing junk that was lodged in there. My A/C runs alot better now.
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