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CAI filter broke.....

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well, i recently installed a custom CAI about a week ago....and when i checked on it today...the cone filter where it attaches to the tube im not sure if it sucked rocks and sh*t all up the far there are no signs of damage to the engine, or at least it still runs fine and smooth....but is there any way i can check or clean out the air flow system....i mean where ever the air there any way to check and see if any debri is clogging up anything? pissed....and couldnt believe the filter fell apart....(cheap sh*t).....going to buy new good quality filter tomm.....any input would be helpful......just wanted to let all the other guys know that you get what you pay for and dont buy cheap stuff for our high quality cars....peace....
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PRAY you didnt suck anything up... I guess check the butterfly on the throttle body for dings from rocks and maybe take off the intake manifold and take a look in there, if you do this you might as well do a port and polish.
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