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CAIs for TCS Legend?

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Are there any Cold Air Intakes for TCS TypeII Legends?

I did a search but didn't bring much up, are they all custom only? I might go down the Short-Ram Weapon-R path if there isn't.
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LEgEnD4LiFe said:
u can take out your TCS, i think Dv8 did that.......

not sure
I don't want to take off my TCS, DV8 takes his car to the track all the time, it would be pointless for him to have TCS, anyways, his is swapped, I don't think his TCS was working when he put in the TypeII engine.

I like to have TCS on, I only turn it off if I want to race or something, which is VERY rare. I want the performance, but I'm not building a track car.
DJPolak said:
does 91 legend have TCS ?
No, it's part of the TypeII engine, DV8 and Leon have both put TypeII engines in their cars, and the TCS came attached.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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