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California amps???

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Good? Bad? Ugly? Whats the deal with these, I think its the 2400 I am curious about but also just all around how are they?
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i have a 400 watt california has neveer been bad to me but eveey car audio place laughs
What about Crunch amps, how are those?
i dono but i would recomend the california one. I had mine for a year used and it was still great. I have a 700 watt MTX now. If u wana buy mine i could selll it to u pretty cheap.
If you want true power outpage those amps are a waste of money IMO. California amps are nothing but profiles, it will just make your speakers sound horrible. Spend a few more bucks for a more reputable amp. What are you going to be using the amp for? subs? If so get yourself the JBL bp1200.1 for 275 shipped from scala, if 1200 watts is too much for you just get bp600.1 cheap in price but not cheap in quality.
Hey 92coupeon18s: I've never seen you post here before :-\, and I know just about all the regulars on the forum. It seems like you would have to be one too to have that many posts :eek:. I'm just a little confused.
Hey Danny, thanks for the info. I am looking to push My JL 10w0s so about 250 watts to each sub. How much would a 400 or 500 watt JBL be and is that the brand you recomend. How are crunch amps by the wat, same deal as Cali or what?
when i took my california amp out i replaced it with a MTX 507 or something and it sounds great. i dont think it was much money eather but i wouldnt know i didnt pay for it :)
profile california are, like jensen, power acoustik, and a few otehr brands, waht I consider high-end "cheap crap". hehehe, other words, there are much worse stuff out there, but for the money you can do better.

you dont need 250 watts on your w0s, infact that maybe too much, I would stay with an amp in the range of 3-400 watts.

good brands that can be had for cheap:

crossfire cfa, usacosutics, aura, hifonics lower model...etc

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