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California Water Blade

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How many of my legend brothers and sister have a California Water Blade. If you don't have a California Water Blade get one, these things are a beast.
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whats a california water blade?:D
The Original California Water Blade™ will revolutionize the way your car is dried after washing. It removes water from any vehicle in about a third the time it takes to dry it with towels, chamois or sponges.
Its this thing that functions like a chamois except its a plastic wiper blade like tool you use to get water off your Legend after a wash.
thanks peepz really quick replies lol
-hass :D
where can i get one and how much?
I got mine at Autozone here i Atl. I am sure you can get one at any discount auto parts store. But you can order one off the web at www.California Water
i have two ...

one for each legend ... i bought mine at walmart and costco ... they work incredibly well ... especially if you wash your car as often as i do ...

its basically a double sided blade that drags water off your car before you dry it with a cloth/chamois ..

i can dry my car in 5-7 minutes with it ...
i just drive my car a mile and its totally dry after a car wash , the rags a shuff just scratch your clear coat even if its 100% cotton (made in america) there is still debris on your car , and if its not make in USA and it says 100% cotton its not really 100 percent and contains abrasive threads.
mYbabYLeGend said:
whats a california water blade?:D
Its like a window squeggy, buy its used on the actual car now. Removes water faster than towels.
I have one and I use it when time permits. It works well and all you have to do is wipe the small water lines wehn you are finished. If not I hit the highway right after I dry and it dries in no time at all....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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