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can i do this?

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i was gonna get 2 15 inch jl audio subs and then i was gonna get 2 6,8, or 10 inch subs and i was gonna put them in teh back seats by where ur legs go but behind them so they r like right enxt to ur legs one on each side can i do this?
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nothing can't be done but your set will just kill the sound stage. Why would you want all the bass coming from the back? You plan on moving the steering wheel back there? :D Get the 15's in the trunk, spend the money on the fronts and use what's left on the rears along with the 4 channel amp for the mids and the amp for the subs that'll be all you'll ever need.
I think it depends on what type of musoc you listen to. 15's sound like crap with any other music than bassy music. In my experience from many car stereos and home theater setups, the best sub is a 10". It provides nice tight bass for rock music and fast beats, while it still has the size to push out those low notes for the other tracks that have lots of low bass. I had 2 12| Crankenstein competition subs in my old car and they were way too loud.... went with 1 10" alpine type S sub and loved it....

Just my .02
15's sound like crap with any other music than bassy music.
in theory this is true, but relistically any size subs can sound good as long as you have the correct setup. 2 12's can sound louder than 2 15 with the correct install even if they are the same subs.
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