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can it be the cause?

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I rushed to finish head gasket job and forgot to put 2 screws on crank/cyl sensor. After covering up the rest, I could'nt start the car. It cranks without gas. I checked the main relay and fuel pump. It worked ok. but it doesn't deliver 12v to the pump. What do you say? :bowdown:
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I think your 92GS doesnt crank because they dont exist.
I know I got it wrong.
It's 91 LS
man who rush sometimes find trip twice as long
It sounds like it has nothing to do with it then. As long as there is a screw in and its tight, you should be fine. As for the fuel pump not working, check every wire that goes to your fuel pump. Start at the pump and move your way up until eventually you find the missing clue. Maybe a fuse, loose connection, torn/ripped wire...
thank you for your advice...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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