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can someone please give me the # for the lower rad. pas. sensor.

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my fans are not turning when the needle is going past the half way point or when its at the H.

I went to oriehlys and they gave me part number- 2-9342 from a company- master pro ignition.

Also the realy that is under the pass. carpet.... how do i get to that and what is the part number.

please help guys
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now im confused. after reading the threads in this forum i thought 1 of the reasons for the fans not going on were because of the thermo sensor. after trying to find the part i need on the delray acura, its showing that this part is also the culprit. can someone please chime in

this is the part i think i need-

this is the other part
ACURA LEGEND WATER TEMPERATURE SENSOR ASSY. (TW5) (MATSUSHITA) 37870-PJ7-003 @ - Acura Parts from Delray Acura
Quick update (because I hate when people forget to update)

So just for shts and giggles I installed the part that I received from oriehlys and guess what.... It worked!!!!! Wtf fans kicked on right when they were suppose to and everything is perfect!! I'm glad she gave me the wrong part lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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