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for some reason my car alarm goes off after 30 seconds

the security light on the driver side door flashes 6 times with long flashes and then 5 short ones then the alarm goes off any idea wat to do? right now i have the car doors unlocked

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could a mod delete this thread since i see there are already threads on this subject and i realize its the acuators
Yeah you can disable it by doing the paper clip trick. There are tons of posts on here about it. But if you can't find it here is what you can do:

1.) Make sure your alarm is disarmed.

2.) Pop your hood.

3.) Look in the front of your car where the hood latches. Right in the middle in front of the radiator. There is a connect there. If you have big hands its going to be kinda hard to get it out but you should be ok.

4.) Disconnect the connector. Place a paper clip in the connector that has the holes. (I think this is the male side.)

5.) Use electrical tape and tape each connector individually. This will prevent water from getting into the connector.

6.) That's it. You're done. Close the hood. Now your alarm is disabled. Once you get your actuators fixed you can take the paper clip out and reconnect the connectors.

Hope this helps.
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