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Car Jack needed

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We recently purchased a 1991 Acura Legend that did not have a Jack in the trunk. I would like to find a replacement that matches the original if possible.

I can get a jack at the local salvage yard, but they just have a large pile, and I would have to just pick one from the pile. I also would like to have the jack handle and anything else that goes with it (lug wrench, etc.)

Can anyone help me to be able to identify what these parts look like? A picture of all the parts, might be helpful.
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The best thing for you to do is make a list of things needed and head to your local pick n pull. If that doesn't work Auto Parts Market or Ebay.

If your search turns up nothing then try the WTB: section.
I'll snag a pic when i can and throw it up here and see if u get lucky in that pile xD
Thanks for the help. I found a jack in the pile at the salvage yard that resembles the one at the link posted here. It should do the trick. I also just happened to find a sunroof wrench while I was rummaging through the trunk of a Legend at the salvage yard.
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