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car overheating

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Ok car drove fine for about 4 miles had up n down idle at stoplights then started overheating, and shut off. Coolant leaking from bottom close to cv axle reserve still full, didn't feel any heat out of vents......suggestions please.
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check your coolant level and make sure coolant is getting to the engine, check the integrity of your radiator and the hoses and find the coolant leak
The up and down idle was air in the system. The leak was from which side of the car.
leaking from passenger side
check all hoses, sounds like the hose to the differential busted.
thanks ill check it out. i checked oil to make sure it wasnt milky n that was good. is differential a hard fix?
just replace the hose, if that's where the leak is coming from. Top off than bleed the system.
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