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Car Washes and Gas Stations

Gas Stations

BP (New Amoco)
1581 corner of Mailer Rd -Tara Blvd

1000 Tara Blvd

Exxon and Shell
intersection of Mundy's Mill and Tara Blvd

Car Washes

Car Wash Station
1.50 @ 5 minutes
Also available:
Vacuum, carpet cleaning, fresheners and deodorizers
$7 Super wash
$6 Deluxe wash
$5 Basic wash

Flint River Car Wash
No listed address (first right on Flint River off Tara Blvd)
Car washes [email protected] 5 minutes
Also available-
Vacuum, carpet cleaning, fresheners and deodorizers

Ultimate Car Wash
57752 North Main St
[email protected] 5 minutes
Also available-
Vacuum and deodorizers

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Re: ok stupid Q............

vrb747 said:
what in the world do u mean by "bump" ?

I see that all the time
Bump is used to bring the thread back to the top. Thus the term "bump"ing it back up top. Example: If you placed a post asking about painting your Legeng pink with roses and asked people to "respond only with a positive reply or don't post at all" and low and behold, nobody replies. As other people post threads, yours would simply move down a spot as new ones go up top. You come back to the forum later and still no reply so your thread is about to drop off the top page. So you say "what?!!!!. No one likes my pink with roses idea?!!!" So you reply to you own thread with "bump" to bump it back up top. Then no one still doesn't reply. So you say **** it!!! I'm painting it pink anyway!!!.
-Buckle up
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