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Car wont start (no power)

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Hey people. I got back from a little 3 day vacation yesterday to find my car has absolutley no electricity running through it. So it hadn't been running for approximately 2 whole days. I tried to jump start it w/ my moms car, but even though power is running through the car(radio, clock, lights, etc. are on) now it will only stutter once (really short too) and not turn over.

I had this problem a little while ago, but it turned out to be poorly connected battery terminals after trying to install a remote start system. So all I had to do was tighten them down and problem solved. So when this happened I checked to see if the terminals had somehow become loose, which they haven't.

So now I'm thinking that the cause of power loss may be from the wires used for the remote start. I had already completely uninstalled the system a while ago because I decided I didn't want it. Also, originally we weren't able to get through the firewall so we tapped into an alternate power source under the dash. Perhaps I'm losing power through there? But I completely taped up the wire with electrical tape.

Finally, the battery is farely new and is an Interstate. I'm guessing I will still have to replace it, but for the future I want to make sure my battery doesn't die in the same manner.

Any help or suggestions?? Thanks guys for the help.
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How did you try to jump start ?
With the other car running or not ?

Our cars take alot of cranking amps. My battery died once and I swapped my brother's battery from his Lexus in, figuring I would use it to go get a new one for mine. - No go, the Lex's battery could not turn my engine over.

Your battery should not have died like that.
You must have something that drained the battery.
I've left mine for 3 weeks and it started up just fine.
Besides the remote starter, anything else electrical put in/taken out ?

Take the battery out and back to where you bought it. They can test it and recharge it, if it will take a charge.
Most batterys have a pretty good warranty, you'll probably get a new one.

Can't think of anything else right now.
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check u'r alarm system. do you have other things attached to it like air horns, more LED's, etc.
i left my car for 2 weeks and when i came back, the battery was dead. this was due to the alarm going off at least once a day. i also have air horns attached to the alarm so whenever the alarm went off, the siren and air horns were draining the battery.
check that the battery fuse isnt blown...
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