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i wouldnt even consider carfax when buying a new car. its only going to tell you if the car had a insurance claim or milage went back at some time at a title change. im most cases neither if if somthing had happened you can usually tell just by looking at it. carfax wont tell you anything about condition under the hood unless it was in a flood with full coverage insurance.

My car looks as if it has been wrecked in the front many times, it looked as if the hood, bumper, corner lense and bumper had been replaced, then the bumper cut and scratched up by somthing else later, both corners of the back bumper as dug up too and carfax said it has a clean history.

there was a free carfax promotion link hiddin somwhere around the internet that you can use once per ip adress, ill try to find the link for you, i think it was also posted on this fourm somewhere

ive yet to see a car i couldnt tell was wrecked just by looking at the alignment of the bumper, hood, headlights and doors. make sure you smell all the fluids too, if its burned kiss that part of the car good bye.

check the exhaust when the engine is hot and cold, a puff of smoke at start up means leaking valves, constant smoke can be valves or rings, white smoke or the smell of maple syrup means the car is burning coolant and probably has a blown head gasket

check the cv boots, most old cars have them cracked anyway so you can make them lower the asking price.

if you really want to know the condition of the engine take it to a shop to have a leak down test done. it should be less than 100$ and it will tell you just about all you want to know about engine condition, i strongly suggest you have this done on any car you buy.

If its from a used car dealership, if its not certified toyota then its probably a ticking time bomb, they will tell you anything to make you buy the car, like "it belonged to a old lady" or "it just had a compression check done" and its almost allways a lie. they usually buy all their cars from auctions usually, who in the right mind would auction their car if it didnt have a serious problem? they would get like 600$ for a 2,000$ car

Stay away from cars for sale in public places or busy roads, even in peoples yards because alot of the time they are auction cars. ive seen people try to pretend they are a private owner and arent running a business, make sure you check the title and see what date it was transferd and that its also in their name.

Take the oil cap off while the car is just started running and still cold, if air is being sucked it means the pcv valve is stuck, if its blowing out that means the piston rings are shot and you'll be buying oil every week. check the radiator cap for a peanut buttery subtance on the inside the resivior, oil in the coolant or brown smoothy like substance on the oil dip stick, if you see any then the engine is probably a total loss. they will try to change the fluids sometimes to trick you but you can usually look in the coolant resivior for oil since its plastic, oil stains it and its hard to clean out.

VIN: JT2SW22N8P0063345
Year/Make/Model: 1993 TOYOTA MR2 W-SPORT ROOF
Body Style: COUPE
Engine Type: 2.0L L4 TURBO EFI
Manufactured In: JAPAN
Search Results: Good news! No problem odometer records found*

heres a odometer check though
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