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I Need Carpet For A 88 G1 Legend Asap And Seats...anyone Know Where I Can Get That At....pretty Reasonable Price. Good Quality....
Also Looking For Header And New Motor As Well..newer Motor. I Mean...gimme As Much Info Possible To Hook This Baby Up Up. I Got To Bring It Back To Life. I Love My Car And Wouldnt Trade It For The World....if U Aint Drivin A G1, U Aint Having Fun!

How Can I Post Mine On Here..i Have Pix

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go here to upload the pics....

then when you start a new thread click on the little icon on top of the text box to add a picture or image file then memorize the

heres a place for carpet...remember Google is your friend

Leather for seats at

Also all that other stuff, theres no headers, no chips, no ECUs, No aftermarket bolt-in intakes, only suspension, genereic exhaust upgrades, 2.7's readily available through Ebay and you'll have to custom make you CAI if you want one...try the search function there is lots and lots of archived info for you to check out...

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I posted this a while back:
wooga said:
I got replacement carpet for $60 off ebay from MarineCarpetUSA. I called them to see what colors they had, and they had 3 other sets at the time (less than two months ago). I don't have their phone number handy.

Fryer's has a wider range of color's but run $110 for coupes. They sent me a 1"x1" color sample.

The carpet I ordered didn't come with the extra sound dampening stuff on the back, so I have to pull the old sound material off the old carpet backing.
The piece I got from marine carpet has held up remarkably well. Fortunately, my old carpet was only discolored and had no bad odors. I simply put the new carpet on top of the old. Tearing out the old carpet is a pain, since the noise insulation is glued on to the underside of the carpet (and the replacement carpet does not have the noise insulation).

Edit: MarineCarpet info:
Marine Carpet USA
2102 South Tate Street
Corinth, MS 38834
[email protected]

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if U Aint Drivin A G1, U Aint Having Fun!
I beg to differ. My SE-R is loads more fun to drive than the Legend.
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