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Is it possible to open up the stock CAT or jamm a pipe into the stock cat so It looks like it's stock and there still is a CAT but the air only really runs right through the CAT. Don't worry there are no emissions in FL
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you must mean a straight pipe. I have my CAT removed completely and replaced with a test pipe. I also had a resonator put in place because the stock resonator was builtin with the CAT.
Yeah a racepipe over a gutted cat is the better way to go because the gutted cat, on certain cars becomes an expansion chamber messing with exhaust flow(eg, exhaust entering 2.25" hole, then expands to 3.5", then screezing thru 2.25" creates some undesired turblence). I'm pretty sure you'll gain some top end but at the possible expense of reduced bottom end. Even if I were to live in FL, I can't imagine running w/o a cat(unless it's a highflow cat) because of the damn odor; seems to cling on like perfume.:p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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